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Wisdom (or In Which I Quote Things)

2018 March 12
by pam artiaga

There’s this quote from Star Trek TOS that goes:

“Our weapons grew faster than our wisdom and we almost destroyed ourselves.”

That one quote single-handedly put Star Trek in my list of favorite TV shows, more so than even the episodes written by critically-acclaimed sci-fi authors (although those were awesome too). I was just amazed by its awareness, how it pinpointed the problems of that era and how it still resonates in the present.

But that was several years ago, before all this fake news nonsense came about. Today the quote is still relevant, but I think there’s another variation:

“Our modes of communication grew faster than our wisdom and we almost destroyed ourselves.”

Which brings to mind another statement attributed to one smart dude (Mark Twain):

“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

The first part of that statement can be taken literally now, and can even be extended to “all the way around the world”, what with our near-instantaneous methods of spreading (mis)information.

The point is, we really need to learn not to believe everything that’s posted on the internet. “Constant vigilance!” as Mad-eye Moody (or Barty Crouch Jr.?) would say. We need to make sure that our wisdom will overtake the spread of lies.

P.S.: In a way, lies are a weapon in the arsenal of the corrupt. So that original quote still holds.

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