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Book Reading Challenges

2016 January 17
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by pam artiaga

These are a couple of book reading challenges I set myself because… well, because.


Words with Friends

I set myself this book challenge last year: get my friends to recommend a book they really like, and I’ll read it without question. (Key phrase “they really like”, because they might recommend one of those run-of-the-mill formulaic genre books just to troll me.) I only managed to read four of those recommendations, stopping about halfway through the year, mostly because I forgot about the challenge. I’m going to restart the challenge this year.

I’ll have to ask around again for recommendations because I lost the “rec list” some time during getting a new phone then changing my main Google account, so I’ll be updating this list from time to time.

Person Book Remarks
Kevin (brother) The Pig That Wants to be Eaten read – review
Odina The Way of Kings read – review
Shiela The Lies of Locke Lamora read – review
Fred Master of the Game read
Daryl Lolita
Roy All the Light We Cannot See


Around the World in 80+ Books

I got this challenge from a post shared by Goodreads. I want to do it myself because probably about 98% of the books I’ve read are by authors from the UK and US. I want to read at least one from every country. Of course, it’d take me more than a year to get this done, so this challenge will be more like a bucket list of books from all over the world.

Here is the list so far, by country in alphabetical order. Obviously, it’ll need to be updated.

Country Book Remarks
Australia Abhorsen Trilogy read; I’m counting this since Garth Nix is Australian. I’m sure there are a lot of books out there that say more about Australia, but Australia is not in the list of countries that I’d like to know more about. Nothing against Australia — I’m just more interested in works from Asia and Africa.
Canada The Handmaid’s Tale read – review; Margaret Atwood is Canadian, and I know this is a hasty conclusion because I haven’t read books by other Canadians, but this novel is probably one of the best ever written by someone from that country. It’s a huge credit to Canada, as are the rest of Atwood’s work, and Margaret Atwood herself.
France Le Petit Prince I’ve read the book in English, but I’m trying to read it in its original French. Keyword “trying”. I’m still on page 1.
Japan The Old Capital I bought a copy of this book when I visited Japan. It seemed quite interesting, and I wasn’t going to leave that country without a book concerning it.


Well, that’s all. I’ll be asking around for recommendations for both challenges. 🙂

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