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Understanding is the first step to acceptance…

2015 May 25
by pam artiaga

…and only with acceptance can there be recovery.

I’ve always loved this statement by Dumbledore in Goblet of Fire, but until now, I’ve only ever considered it in the context of Harry’s experience during the events preceding Dumbledore’s uttering of that very ‘quotable quote’.

Now, Ireland has voted to legalize gay marriage. It happened a few days ago, but I’m still seeing it on my news feed. Every time I do, I think to myself “what do you know, when you actually give the public the control, they vote in favor of compassion and acceptance”. Then I think of the Philippines and some Middle Eastern countries and have to amend it to, “when the public is educated then given the control, they vote in favor of acceptance”. That reminded me of Dumbledore’s statement, especially the first part:

Understanding is the first step to acceptance

I have always thought this, though I’ve never associated it to the quote, but it applies to every marginalized culture or group of people in the world. LGBTQ+, minority religions, minority cultures in a particular country, women in general… If the public is educated and made to understand, they wouldn’t go about denying the rights and lives of others. (Those who have the luxury to do so should f*ckin educate themselves. That is at least a step, however small.)

Or maybe I’m just being naive.



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