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Table Top / Medieval Day

2014 April 6

Yesterday, the guys from Folk Fiction hosted a Medieval-themed TableTop Day  to celebrate well, Table Top Day and the upcoming premiere of Game of Thrones Season 4.

I hate to use cliche phrases, but I don’t know how else to describe it: The event was a resounding success.

I had loads of fun throughout the whole event. It is probably going to be the main topic of everyone’s conversation for the next week or more, so I’m just going to pose the few pictures I took.


The Iron Throne

Folk Fiction’s version of the Iron Throne, made not out of swords, but of the souls of those who died fighting for it.


The Banners


NPC: Shopkeeper Shiela

NPC: Shopkeeper Shiela


NPC: Arumi-san

NPC: Lady Armie Sheila of House Garde


little mermaid

NPC: Adorable Little Sh– er, Sheila. (oops, blurry)



DSC_1134 DSC_1154 DSC_1155

People playing board games (gasp! what a shock!) and checking out the Game of Thrones exhibit.


And speaking of the GoT tribute show/exhibit:


DSC_1142 DSC_1146 DSC_1141


“My Dragon Eats Cat Food” playing Rains of Castamere


There are a lot more cool stuff going on, but I wasn’t able to take pictures. 🙁

Event highlights:

  • Boardgames (duh)
  • Game of Thrones art exhibit. Folk Fiction has a list of the artists and their websites/portfolios
  • Props: Iron Trone (!), Execution “stage” which was at the other end of the Iron Throne, and the crafted swords and shields for everyone to play with (and break)
  • Booths selling artsy stuff like bags, shirts, pins, postcards (including postcard versions of the GoT exhibit artworks), booths selling civet coffee, cold brew coffee, pastries, and a fortune teller booth
  • Medieval / GoT-themed live music. I don’t have full videos of any of the songs, unfortunately, but check out My Dragon Eats Cat Food’s page. They’re probably going to post videos later.
  • Cosplay performances, and just the cosplay themselves. Jon Snow dude won first place, then got stabbed by his “friends” while standing in front of the Iron Throne


The event was super fun. To the organizers, Folk Fiction (Mark and Johanna of Happy Garaje and Poy, Terence, & Shiela from Ballista Games), thank you for bringing the nerds together. Next time na pud. 😀

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