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The Next Book

2014 February 13
by pam artiaga

The place was secluded and can only be reached by doing a series of secret tasks. It was very peaceful, reminding me of afternoons spent at my hometown lounging around on a lantay under the trees in front of our house. The light had a sepia-like quality to it. Maybe because it was almost dusk, or maybe it was because of the sunlight going through the withered brown leaves, or maybe because…

It was just a dream!

Which caused me to deflate a little upon waking up because we met J.K. Rowling in that dream.

We, that is some friends and I, found her in a small bamboo and rattan hut, writing on real parchment using a very expensive fountain pen. She was writing the next Harry Potter book! I wasn’t shocked that there was going to be a new Harry Potter book because, of course, in dreams everything you want can come true.

We saw a document congratulating Harry for graduating. We saw a letter hand-written by Dumbledore. We saw the opening page of a chapter with a drawing of a man in black robes and black helmet, riding a black horse, surrounded by black fire. The chapter was titled “Flamme Flamhorsem” — yeah, I don’t know what my dreaming brain was thinking.

The best part is that J.K. Rowling let us take pictures of her work! I was contemplating whether to leak the pictures we took or not when I woke up.

It was rather anti-climactic.



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