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Genomic Imprinting

2013 October 9
by pam artiaga

I’m on chapter 15 of Genome by Matt Ridley, and I’ve learned something very interesting, genomic imprinting. So far, this is the concept that I had the hardest time digesting properly. The basic description is easy to take in, but there are a lot of questions that I can’t answer by myself with the knowledge I already have.

How does it happen? Why does it happen? How, exactly, does the imprinting process go?

Well, I called on my trusty friend, Google, and found some good and easy to understand articles on imprinting . Here’s one from some unnamed website. This one is from the University of Utah. This has the easiest to understand explanation of imprinting, so I’d read this one first. It has pictures, too. And this is an article from Discover about the size of ligers and tigons and what imprinting has to do with them. Very interesting read.

I’m having a little nerdgasm reading up about genomic imprinting. It’s very cool. I even wrote down some notes on my copy of Genome. Kinda proud of myself for that. You can now count me among the people who annotate their books.

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