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Book Finds

2013 August 23
by pam artiaga

It’s no secret that I love to read. However, I’m a lazy arse who hates going around the city looking for second-hand book shops. I prefer just buying new ones from FullyBooked or, more often than not, just downloading the e-books. But last week, my friends and I went to La Belle Aurore and found some pretty good titles. The day after that, I went to National Bookstore’s warehouse sale and bought a few good books for less than P50 each. I also got a couple of good books from Book Sale earlier this month. Clearly, it’s a month of (very) low-priced books. 🙂


Harry Potter

Scholastic’s alternate paperback edition of Sorcerer’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets. These are probably the most expensive books among my haul of second-hand books at P120 each, but it’s Harry Potter. Always fun to find other editions of my favorite books.



Discworld books at P50 pesos each from NBS’s warehouse sale. The only thing I’m regretting is that my brother already has the other Discworld books on sale there.



Science! I’ve always wanted a copy of Cosmos, and Contact and The Physics of Star Trek are on my to-read list, so I was very excited when I saw these. I haven’t heard of Exploring the Solar System before. The topics are introductory but still fun and the pictures of the planets and moons in glossy paper are very pretty. I couldn’t resist.



Some other books. There’s Beloved, which was given as an assigned reading during college but I never read because I hated it when teachers made us read books. The classics: The Scarlet Letter, I Capture the Castle, Pygmalion and Silas Marner. A couple of contemporaries: Michael Crichton’s Sphere and Dean Koontz’s Your Heart Belongs to Me. There’s also Profiles of the Future, a collection of essays by Arthur C. Clarke, and Surfacing by Margaret Atwood (!!) who is one of my favorite authors.

Finally, there’s an old favorite: The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. This edition is in English and French, which is pretty useful since I’m trying to learn French. I’ll read it when I can finish the French edition of Sorcerer’s Stone. Right now I don’t know enough words to even get past the first paragraph.


It was pretty fun hunting for books in second-hand shops and warehouse sales. I plan to make a habit of it. 🙂

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