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Serpents and Dragons

2013 August 17
by pam artiaga

Last night, I dreamt something involving dungeons and reptiles.

I can’t remember how it started, but halfway through,  I found myself arguing with my sister about the color of the Basilisk. Was it green or black? I was convinced it was green and she was convinced it was black. I got so annoyed with her, especially since I had encountered the Basilisk, though of course I had only seen it through the corners of my eyes.

To prove to her that the Basilisk I saw was green, I came up with the brilliant idea of using a pensieve. We obtained one, but it was only the size of a small soup bowl, not the large basin I had expected. No matter, I made do with the small pensieve and used it to review my memories of the Basilisk encounter.

I then found myself in a small two-chambered dungeon. It was very dark, but I had a small light (I think it was a cellphone light). There were writings on the wall, but not “The Chamber of Secrets has been opened…” I can’t remember what it said, but it was red and written in big block letters. Like someone used a giant stencil to write it. I looked around with my quickly fading light and found giant black skeletons. And I can’t remember anything more.

I blame Tyrion Lannister and his description of the black dragon skeletons in the castle at King’s Landing.

(I will never read horror stories before going to sleep because my dreams might become much scarier. Then again, I don’t read horror stories at all.)

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