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On Gay Marriage and Stupid Arguments

2013 March 27
by pam artiaga

As the US Supreme Court deliberates over the question of whether same-sex couples have a legal right to marry, the seemingly never-ending arguments and counterarguments about the necessity of making it legal have once again resurfaced. One of the arguments against it is that marriage is only “symbolic”, that gay couples are already living together, so why marry? Now, the anti gay marriage crowd have spewed out a lot of stupid arguments over the years, but this is one of those arguments that annoy me the most.

First of all it’s not merely symbolic. There are legal benefits given to married couples. But let’s put that aside. Let’s put aside tax breaks, medical benefits, life insurance benefits, etc.

I agree that marriage is, first and foremost, symbolic. Two people saying to the world that they want to “suffer each other” for the rest of their lives. (Or until they get a divorce, but that’s another issue). So what if marriage is only symbolic? As if those people who argue that gay marriage is “only” symbolic don’t think that symbols are important. We are humans, after all. We love symbols and deeper meanings to things. Why should people deny others the right to that symbolic union? I do not understand why someone would want to spend the rest of their life with one person (won’t that get boring?), but I do know that it is important to others. I don’t ever want to deny those who do want to get married the right to do so.

I bet those anti-gay marriage people believe in some higher being. Isn’t “God” symbolic as well? Something people believe in because faith or belief in a “greater good” is something that gives deeper meaning to their lives. Then why can’t they understand and accept that gay people want to get married not only for the government benefits but also for what that symbolizes? I really don’t understand how some people (not all, mind) who believe in God could deny others the right to enjoy the symbol of marriage. It boggles the mind.

I think that someday the issue of gay marriage will be as the issue of interracial marriage is now. The answer to the question of whether gay people can marry will be an obvious, “Of course, why the hell not?” But until then, we’ll have to suffer through stupid arguments. And “marriage is only symbolic” is one of the stupidest of them all.

Rant brought on by this comic by SMBC. It’s not anti-gay marriage. Rather, it shows the stupidity of the “marriage is only a symbol” argument, and it reminded me of the issue.

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