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Assembling a Star Ship

2013 March 2
by pam artiaga
Enterprise over Venus

Enterprise over Venus

My first model Trek ship, or space ship, or model anything.

I used Round 2’s 1/2500 scale model. It’s quite small, but it was the only one I could get.

It was pretty easy to assemble the ship.┬áThe whole model is divided into 3 sub-assemblies: the saucer, the secondary hull, and the nacelles.┬áMost of the snap on parts of the sub-assemblies fitted perfectly, and those that didn’t only needed a bit of filing. I had to use glue for some of the parts, especially for joining the 3 sub-assemblies together, but there was really no problem with the assembly.

The decals were another matter. It was very delicate work, and I’m not very good at those. (Guess why I didn’t consider Computer Engineering when I was choosing a college degree!) It took most of the day to apply the decals because I had to wait for one to dry before applying the next one. At first I was glad I didn’t have to work with the larger decals on this particular model (NCC-1701) since I know the large ones tend to bubble, but I found out the smaller pieces were much harder to handle. I screwed up some bits so I had to scrap their matching bits, and anyone who knows the Enterprise will quickly notice I’ve “over-painted” something.

I managed to apply all the important parts, so at least that’s something.


Enterprise over Mars

Enterprise over Mars

All in all, I’m quite happy with my work. Not the best one out there, but hey, it’s my first model. So… *fist pump*!

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