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Hello Gallifrey!

2011 November 13
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by pam artiaga


After weeks of procrastination, I’ve finally gotten this blog properly set up!

The final touch was to create a logo which I can use for the favicon and for default thumbnails. I hadn’t considered doing it until a few days ago when I was making the app for automatic publishing to Facebook (there were ‘Upload Logo’ and ‘Edit Icon’ fields in the FB app settings). Luckily, I came across this post about Circular Gallifreyan on the offical Doctor Who Tumblr. The symbols look really cool and after finding this official Time Lord Seal and these fan-made images, I decided to make my own Gallifreyan symbol based on the ones I found.

I wrestled with Photoshop for several hours until I got a result that I was happy with (image on top, if it isn’t obvious). It doesn’t look too bad, if I do say so myself.

I am mostly proud about the fact that I managed to incorporate my greatest interests in the logo (they are quite recognizable, the other elements are admittedly just lines and circles). From now on, this will be my personal logo… unless I find something better.


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